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Welcome to SIZEWARRIOR.COM.I am Gustav Gilmore,the designer of the SIZEWARRIOR system and the founder and owner of the Optimal penis enlargement systems company of which SIZEWARRIOR.COM is a branch.But I am not only the owner.I am first and foremost a satisfied client.
I discovered that penis weights stretching works when I saw in a National Geographic magazine a picture of a Sadhu from India hanging a heavy rock from his penis,which might have been by then over 12 inches long.Then it became my obsession and great goal in life to develop penis gravitational (heavily weighted) traction devices first of all to enlarge my own penis.It took me 3 years of research and trial and error to develop my first penis attachment to weights device,with which I gained 2 inches in 9 months achieving my most dear goal in life:to have an 8 inch penis,(with a big head and iron erection it makes a big man).
After my own success I decided to provide my device to people that want to realize their full potential in life by getting their big dick.I started a web site to provide my penis weights system back in 1997 and I never ceased to work on developing the most safe,comfortable and efficient means to enlarge the human penis by use of gravitational traction.The SIZEWARRIOR is the most advanced of our attachments of penis to weights.
Fortunately for you,you do not have to walk in the dark with any do it yourself experiment that is nothing else than gambling with the most important part of your body,and with your precious time.Instead you can get a complete system ready to go that even comes with a RESULTS GUARANTEE.
But now,let me tell you about the SIZEWARRIOR:

The method used by the adult film dicks to achieve fast and substantial penis enlargement is available to all initial penis sizes.The SIZEWARRIOR is a penis stretching device based on gravitational traction.The SIZEWARRIOR is the outcome of 10 years of penis enlargement device development practice and manufacturing know how,and the experience of thousands of users with all possible initial penis sizes,with a very high rate of success.The SIZEWARRIOR is the most comfortable and efficient attachment of heavy weights to the penis in the market today.It comes in 3 sizes which fit any initial erect penis size from 3 1/2 to 9 inches.The SIZEWARRIOR has been used by people with any possible initial penis size to achieve real results.The SIZEWARRIOR will also help with penis thickness.It will also help straighten a curved penis (peyronie's disease).The SIZEWARRIOR has been checked and approved by a group of medical doctors,and is recommended by many others as a standalone penis enlargement alternative to surgery.The SIZEWARRIOR Is crafted in our own high-tech workshop and guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a lifetime.The purchasers of any complete package get a 6 months results guarantee.(If you use the SIZEWARRIOR for six months according to the instructions,and you do not achieve at least one inch increase in penis length,you are entitled to return the device(not the weights) for a refund that does not include shipping costs).Sales advice and lifetime free support are available by e-mail or by phone.

Not every system based on traction will actually enlarge your penis.

Do not make the mistake to assume that any device or method based on traction will bring about real results.Those are the reasons why you must choose a dependable (no Noose or Vacuum based)penis WEIGHTS method,and not get carried away by methods that do not deliver real results:
1-The attachment of the penis to the traction device must be comfortable and heavy duty(meaning take forces strong enough to produce enlargement).Devices based on a surgical tube (noose)at the end that is supposed to tie up the penis just under its head do not work because at tensions intense enough to produce penis enlargement real gains they let the penis slip out of their grip.This means that you have to use the device at a gentle tension incapable of producing real enlargement.Severe pain has been experienced while attempting to produce a stronger grip in order to increase tension intensity to a really working level,so much so that it becomes impossible by any means to increase the strength of the stretch so that it could actually induce penis enlargement.(This is true for all the penis extenders sold today in the market.Beware of fancy looking,expensive,yet useless gadgets!).
Similarly, stay away from attachments in which the penis profile is flattened by lateral compression (sandwiched by two flat or cilindrical pieces united with a screw or string as some home made devices are), or from attachments based on rubber wrapping,insulating tubing or Velcro.Velcro cannot connect confortably to your penis weight big enough to increase your penis size.You will be wasting your time because due to the discomfort created by those attachments you will not be able to apply traction forces strong enough, and to exercise long enough, to produce any real penis enlargement.Remember: a penis weights system must bring about results.Your precious time and energy are worth something too.Don't get involved with an attachment that doesn't have a clear record of safe results,such as any home made attachment,even if someone wants to give it to you for free!
2-All attachments based on VACUUM produce blisters that limit the amount of weight that can be used to a small weight, preventing the achievement of permanent penis enlargement.Remember,only heavy weights can produce measurable penis enlargement.From this point of view VACUUM attachments of the penis to weights are not any better than the traditional surgical tube (noose)attachment of the penis extenders that miserably fail to deliver inches.Particularly but not only traction methods that use vacuum devices that hold the penis mostly by the head,almost without holding the shaft area affected by surgery ,and have been invented and developed for after surgery use, do not work,because at weights big enough to produce real results,they bring about blisters and wounds in the tip of the penis head,turning the method itself useless as a standalone method of penis enlargement.The SIZEWARRIOR,because embraces the shaft of the penis directly(without using vacuum),and has been developed for use without surgery,gets a much stronger hold of the shaft,and can allow more intensive loads with comfort and safety than any of those methods by up to twice as much.In short: stay away from any weights method that uses VACUUM atachment to the penis because you will be wasting your time.Those that already tried know exactly what we mean.

The solution is to use the SIZEWARRIOR,

a heavy duty traction device by way of gravitational force,which attaches the traction force to the whole shaft of the penis,and by doing so dramatically reduces the traction per square inch in the penis skin and therefore allows a comfortable and safe work out which is heavy enough and its duration is long enough to bring about true,sizable and real results. When you purchase the SIZEWARRIOR device, you get all the needed instructions for an effective,comfortable and safe gravitational penis stretching training that will lead to real achievemnt of the goals you seek.

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For a limited time only orders with 8 lbs of weights wil get 2 extra lbs free of charge(Total 10 lbs)



Those are our products...


Penis Enlargement by traction device.
Comes in 3 sizes and its price is $85


Custom Steel penis traction source.
The 8 lbs package's price is $102,and the 5 lbs price is $79.


Elements to ensure efficiency,comfort and safety.
The accessories are included with the SIZEWARRIOR free of charge.


Buy a package and save...

Complete Package 8 Lbs...

This package is adviced for those with initial penis size of over 4 1/2".It includes:
-One SIZEWARRIOR of the size of your choice.
-8 lbs of our steel weights.
-All the necessary accessories.
-An instructions booklet with explanations and pictures.
PACKAGE PRICE: $149.99(SAVE $50).

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Complete Package 5 Lbs...

This package is adviced for those with initial penis size of Up to 4 1/2".It includes:
-One SIZEWARRIOR of the size of your choice.
-5 lbs of our steel weights.
-All the necessary accessories.
-An instructions booklet with explanations and pictures.

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How to choose you SIZEWARRIOR size...

Those are the initial erect penis length ranges for each SIZEWARRIOR size:
-Mini from 3" to 5"
-Maxi from 4 1/2" to 8"
-Supermaxi from 7 1/2" to 9"


Aditional terms...

Shipping expenses apply for all products as follows:

If you want to buy an additional SIZEWARRIOR of any size to your original order of any package,the price of the additional device and accessories is only $60.

We ship by express mail(up to 7 days delivery) and registered airmail(up to three weeks),everywhere in the world,in discreet brown wrappings with no signs of the content of the package.Your credit card is discreetely charged by our merchant account agent with the word "Optimal".

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